Nintendo Wii and Arthritis Benefits

Physicians around the world and makers of the Nintendo Wii might be onto something new. Senior citizens and those with arthritis are in need of physical activity in order to maintain a healthy, active, less pain filled life. Movement of the joints is known to promote strength which is supposed to stretch tendons and muscles and help bone structure which could lessen the affects of arthritis.

Many Physical Therapists have decided to invest in Nintendo Wii gaming systems in order to give their patients a motivational way of exercising. The Wii uses a motion sensor control which means that the gamer has to move around in order to play the game. Not only is this a fun way to play, but it beats the same boring step aerobic and joint exercise routines that can lead to bored patients.

Many senior citizens that tried playing the Nintendo Wii found it quite interesting. They thought that it was both fun and beneficial. Scientists made control groups to see the outcome of how the Nintendo Wii could help arthritis patients. While the results aren't in yet, the fact that these people are up and moving around, enjoying an active life style a couple of hours a week is a definite plus and pain didn't even seem to be a factor for them when playing various Wii games such as bowling. There were many that worried that technology would be a factor and that senior citizens wouldn't be able to get the hang of it. Fortunately, no one seemed to have a problem.

If the Wii is found to have positive affects on arthritis pain, we could be looking into a whole new era of treatment for those in need. All of the physical activity needed to play the Wii reduces joint and muscle stiffness. Encouragement is needed factor in order to get senior citizens into a active daily life, especially when they deal with pain on a daily basis. The fact that the Nintendo Will offers fun on top of exercise seems to be inspiration enough. I think Wii had the right, and possibly the best, idea yet hands down.

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