Six Tips to Living Abundantly With Arthritis

Living abundantly and well is never easy when you experience a lot of pain all the time. As you soon as you were diagnosed with arthritis, you probably knew in your heart and soul that your life would never be the same as it used to be when you were pain free. And that is to be expected. However, arthritis doesn’t have to define you and bulldoze your life. You can decide that you will live positively and abundantly, despite the fact that you have arthritis and experience constant pain and fatigue.

This is because living abundantly is a choice. You can either see all the beauty and abundance around you, or you can see lack. It is really a perspective or point of view that you can develop so that your life is of the best quality that it can be. It is like a lens of a pair of glasses. You either wear a positive set of glasses or a negative pair. The choice is yours as to which pair of glasses you put on every day.

There are many benefits to living an abundant life. Not only will you not see your life in terms of lack, but you will celebrate all the good things in your life and you will experience less pain and fatigue. This is because negativity and negative thoughts can actually cause you more pain and disability in the long run. The more positive you could be the less pain you will experience and the happier you will be. Also, the more abundance you see all around you, the more you will feel like you are living a good quality of life and that arthritis is simply a bump in the road that can be overcome on a daily basis.

Here are a few tips to live abundantly:

1. See everything in terms of positive abundance. When you live this way, you won’t see all the negative aspects of your life, such as your pain and fatigue. Instead, you will learn to focus on some of the beautiful moments of your day.

2. Notice how abundant everything is in the universe. The world has a natural abundance. There are flowers and plants in the summer as well as fresh foods that are grown in the soil that we can enjoy at harvest time. So, if everything is abundant in the world, why can’t we reap some of the rich benefits from the world? I believe we can with a shift in attitude from lack and negativity to one of positivity and abundance.

3. Watch your self-talk as often as you can. If you need saying negative things to yourself over and over again, you will also start feeling negative and your life will be negative. So, notice what you say to yourself, and start replacing some of these negative statements with positive ones as often as possible.

4. Know that you have enough and you are enough in this very moment – you don’t need anything else. Most of us have to focus on one moment at a time to be healthy and happy. If all is well in this moment, then it is well. However, if it is not good in this moment, know that in the next moment you could be happier and less in pain. There is a real comfort in this awareness.

5. Expect great things, and they will happen. When we expect great things to happen they usually do. However, when we expect negative things to happen that sometimes becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. So, why not think of all the good things in this moment. I am sure there are quite a few.

6. Plug into the present and experience every moment to the fullest. When we stop living in the past and the future, we start living to the fullest and enjoying life. And as an arthritis sufferer, this means that we can choose to live abundantly and happily in this moment.

By taking these steps, you’ll be living abundantly and in a lot less pain. Arthritis sufferers need to focus on the positive so that they could feel better about their lives and themselves. Try it and see if you could lighten your load and live the best quality life that you are capable of.

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