A Natural Treatment For Asthma

A plant-based compound significantly improves lung function in patients with moderate to severe asthma, producing results comparable to those of the steroid drug prednisone.


The mixture consists of the extracts of three herbs, and is called the anti-asthma herbal medicine intervention (ASHMI). ASHMI is a simplified version of a 14-herb medication used to treat asthma in Chinese hospitals.

First Controlled Study

It is the first time a controlled study has shown Chinese herbal medicine proving as effective as a corticosteroid for aiding asthma patients. The study was conducted on over 90 patients who were given either oral ASHMI, prednisone, or a placebo.

After four weeks, both the ASHMI and prednisone groups showed significant lung function improvement. There was a slight, but still measurable, greater improvement in the prednisone group.

Doesn’t Impair Adrenal Function

ASHMI, however, unlike prednisone, also has the benefit of having no negative effects on adrenal function.

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology September 2005; 116(3): 517-524MSNBC October 17, 2005

Dr. Mercola’s Comment:There aren’t many things that are important to do in life, but one of them for sure is breathing and when you can’t get a full breath it is a major problem.

That is in large part why asthma can be such a frightening and frustrating condition, it’s no wonder people will try anything — including a toxic drug — to stop it. Although steroids clearly work for asthma and many other conditions, they do so at great risk to your health.

Aside from their considerable toxicities though, steroids in no way shape or form treat the underlying cause which, if left untreated, will continue to devastate your health.

Although most supplements also fall into the category of not treating the underlying cause, especially herbs, they are typically far less toxic.It appearsthis novel natural, plant-based compoundwill prove to befar saferthan dangerousthe corticosteroid drug prednisone.

But if you’re looking to reduce your dependence on any asthma crutch, here aresome simple lifestyle changes you can make:

  • Eat a healthy diet, being especially careful to reduce or avoid sugar, fruit juices, most grains and pasteurized dairy products.
  • Replacing commercial milk with raw milk from grass-fed cows is also usually well tolerated and highly health promoting. However, even raw milk may worsen asthma so you will need to be careful here.
  • Include generous amounts of omega-3 fats in your diet. I find Carlson fish oil and cod liver oil to be one of the most superior brands available as it conforms to the strictest guidelines for purity and freshness.

Please remember that for most Americans we are now in the cod liver oil time of year, as we simply don’t have access to enough sunshine on our bare skin to help us produce vitamin D.

Important NEW Information About Cod Liver Oil Capsules

You have to be VERY cautious about using cod liver oil capsules. If for some reason you are not using the more economical liquid you need to understand that most brands of cod liver oil capsules can provide excessive doses of vitamin A (unlike the liquid) that can cause you a problem if you take dose in the 10-15 capsules per day that you will need to meet your omega-3 needs.

I reviewed this issue with Carlson and they were able to develop a low vitamin A cod liver oil capsule that won’t get you into trouble. Interestingly they also taste great if you chew on them, almost like candy and I frequently chew them as a treat in the winter.

SO when you take cod liver oil if you feel you need to take the capsules the choice is very clear. Get Carlson’s low vitamin A. If you can’t find them we do have them in our store for your convenience.

For more severe and resistant cases of asthma, allergy skin testing can be appropriate. Traditional allergy treatments are one of medicine’s safer and better approaches; however it has great room for improvement.

Additional Asthma Alternatives

My experience with conventional allergy testing, whether done through the blood (RAST) or skin is that only 20 percent to 30 percent of patients do exceptionally well with it. It is also highly inconvenient, as patients need to go to the doctor’s office every week for months or years. It clearly does not work for the majority of patients.

For the past several years, I have been using a much improved version of this testing, which is taught by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, called Provocation Neutralization (PN). The success rate for this approach is in the 80 percent to 90 percent range and patients can receive their treatment at home.

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