Asthma Cures – Honey and Cinnamon

Asthma is one of the bad health troubles that commonly affect both men and women. Asthma can be cured either by medication or through natural treatment. Honey is the best source to cure asthma, as it contains a wide array of amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Honey has the ability to heal any kind of ailments and particularly it can cure asthma much better. As per the truth described from Ayurveda, the increased level of Kapha Dosha in the stomach is the major cause of troublesome asthma problems. The enhanced phase of Kapha blocks will block the natural flow of air and creates trouble in breathing, which in turns results to wheezing.

If you suffer with asthma, then you can find the best cure with honey and cinnamon. These both are considered to be a very effective method to help cure asthma. Gently grind the pinch of comb honey, as it provokes your immune system because of the little quantity of pollen. During the extreme moment, you can chew or grind for about 20 minutes of the honey tops at least 5 to 6 times a day. Asthma sufferers will greatly be benefited by this practice and they can get relief from asthma.

Most of the facts have proven that honey & cinnamon has an ability to help cure most diseases. Honey and cinnamon are always effective and moreover they are free from any side effects. Honey and cinnamon mints will surely work as well, as they are very rich and efficient herbs that will cleanly eliminate the cause of asthma attacks. Here is the detailed description for the method of treatment that an asthma patient can practice for getting a complete cure.

Take one tea spoon of honey and a half tea spoon of cinnamon powder. Mix them significantly prior to your consumption. This will be the best treatment to get a complete cure for your asthma problem. Honey is a really effective home remedy treatment for asthma. Honey could be taken from any form and when it is mixed with cinnamon, it will give you quick relief. It assists you better to help you cough away the accumulated mucus that is built up in your respiratory passage. These are simple proven facts that will help people in getting better relief from asthma problems.

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