Asthma Effects

An asthma effect is a change which has come about as a result of an action. The effects of asthma usually come about when one is exposed to conditions that trigger an asthmatic attack. There are many causes of asthma such as smoking, allergy, environmental pollution, viral infection and eczema. These causes usually are triggered by different conditions.

If one has an allergy, and is exposed to an allergic element these can bring about the symptoms of asthma. These include, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, tightness of chest and heavy breathing. There are various triggers of this condition such as pollen, smoke, food, molds, fungi, animals, house dust mites, colds and viral infections.

Therefore, a patient with asthma that has been caused by an allergy should avoid these conditions that could cause their asthmatic attack because of being exposed to them. The change of weather is also an asthma effect and can trigger an attack. In times of cold weather for instance, it important for asthma patients to keep warm and not to expose themselves to risky situations that could cause the trigger.

Environmental pollution is also another trigger of asthma effect. One should make sure that the environment they are in is clean, fresh and not polluted. Polluted air will definitely bring about an asthmatic attack. This may include smoking or even if the patient is not smoking but is exposed to smoke, this can bring about an effect that will result in an attack. Like the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It is therefore of importance preventive are taken to avoid an attack.

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