How to Cope With an Asthma Attack

Knowing what to do when someone is having an asthma attack can save their life. So many people around the world have asthma, however it can be easily forgotten just how serious a condition it can be. The fact is that people die from asthma attacks, they simple cannot breathe.

So if you learn how to handle an asthma attack, you can save a life.

Firstly the symptoms of a worsening asthma attack, these are shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing and a tightness of the chest. Asthmatics will also be using their inhaler a lot more than usual. Usually this inhaler will relieve the symptoms of asthma and the asthmatic can just carry on as normal. However there are times when using an inhaler will not work.

So how can you tell if the situation is serious? Well there are certain symptoms that you can look for, the reliever inhaler appears to be having no affect, the asthmatic is pale looking or their lips are turning blue. They may also appear confused or irritable, and too breathless to talk or eat. All of these symptoms are tell tale signs that an asthma attack is taking place.

If you feel that the situation is beyond control then you should call an ambulance or Doctor immediately. Never be afraid to ask for help no matter what the time or place. You may save someones life.

What to do in an Asthma Attack…

Firstly take two puffs on your asthma inhaler straight away, the number of puffs taken may vary from person to person so get asthma advice from your Doctor or Nurse.

I know it is very distressing but try to stay as calm as you can, stress itself can make your asthma symptoms even worse. Try to control your breathing as much as possible.

Do not lie down, sit down with your hands on your knees for extra support. I know it is very difficult but try to slow your breathing so that you exhaust yourself less.

Continue taking a puff on your asthma inhaler every minute for five minutes or until the symptoms ease off.

If after five minutes the symptoms haven’t improved, then call a Doctor or an ambulance straight away for help and advice.

Until help arrives, keep taking your asthma inhaler every few minutes. Asthma UK advise that repeating the dose is safe until help arrives.

Don’t be afraid to approach your Doctor or Nurse for help on asthma advice. They can advise you on how to deal with an asthma attack.

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