Will an Air Purifier Cure Asthma or Allergies?

What is asthma and allergy?

The body’s reaction to any particular substance that compromises the smooth functioning of the respiratory system can block the air flow which leads to difficulty in breathing. This labored breathing is asthma. There are allergies that cause problems such as skin rashes, cough, cold, sneezing etc. Both asthma and allergy could be frequent when the causative substance is in the vicinity. The frequency and intensity can worsen if the concentration of causes is more in the indoor air. Asthma is an attack on the respiratory system while the allergies are due to a compromised immune system.

The relation of asthma, allergy, and air purifiers

Many people believe that if they can get an air purifier they got a quick solution for their asthma or allergic reactions. In a way it is true but the air purifiers do not serve as a cure for these problems. It will only assist in relieving these problems for awhile.

The air purifiers purify the air and remove the allergen that can trigger these problems. The constant working of it ensures that these allergens are gradually reduced over the period of time. This will reflect in the frequency and intensity of the attacks. These devices cannot guarantee that you will never experience asthma or allergies. You could or you will, but it will not be the same as before.

Improve your home air with an Air Purifier

Why the hell would I do that? My home is certainly clean and maintained properly that I don’t need an air purifier. Well most of us do have this thing running in our minds when it comes to accepting new technologies. Well air filters/purifiers aren’t that bad basically. They do help a lot to keep indoors clean and crisp from pollutants that enter from outdoors or from your kitchen counter.

Air filters/purifiers do not cure

Air filters/purifiers are no doctors and cannot replace any medications and do not cure the asthma and allergies. There are cases where the frequency between the attacks has been too low that people started believing that the air purifiers have cured these health problems.

Who wouldn’t like to breathe fresh air that is devoid of dust and pollutants that are harmful to the body? Certainly everyone would love to and that is what air filters/purifiers are meant to be doing.

It is the microscopic air particles that cause these health issues. The air purifier with HEPA filter removes 99% of these particles and eliminates the cause. An effective air filter/purifier can clean the air every 5-10 minutes to keep the air clean all the while. It will clean the air for as long as it is working.

Conclusion: Four walls do protect you from outside issues but what will you do to protect yourself from being stuck up in the four walls. Fresh air is a requirement for a healthy body so improve your indoor air quality by doing the needful. Improve your indoors with great air quality.

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