People With Autism Make Good Employees

An increasing trend being noticed in several major companies these days is their propensity to recruit people with autism in greater numbers. The fact that more companies are striving to have an inclusive and increasingly diverse workforce is encouraging enough. Hiring people with autism is another indicator of our progress as a society and recognizing that all individuals have something to contribute.

Many experts say that recruiting a person on the autism spectrum not only adds diversity to an organization’s workforce, but is also a good business decision. A company can leverage the strength of a person on the autism spectrum and improve its own business practice as well.

Autistic people can maximize their potential in various roles. They are ideal for positions that call for a superb attention to detail and jobs that are repetitive or highly structured. People with autism are very appropriate for shifts that are usually difficult to fill or ones that have a high turnover, like overnight or solo hours. The result could be a perfect work environment for those on the autism spectrum.

Workers with autism, like all other new recruits, may require special training and minor adjustments in the workplace. Many autistic people require the assistance of a job coach to break down complicated tasks into smaller steps. They may need additional visual support like written schedules and lists that could be used for reference.

Companies hiring autistic people must be aware of the social difficulties and differences for those on the autism spectrum. A person with autism may not make eye contact during an interview. They may be honest and blunt in their response than other candidates who talk informally. But such honesty in attitude and even the dislike for small talk could be immensely valuable traits of an employee.

A recent research has claimed that more than 90 percent of Americans have a better opinion of organizations hiring people with disabilities than who don’t. Of late, some specialized companies are offering staffing solutions for people with disabilities like autism. Such people can submit their resume on the websites of these companies where experienced recruiters match candidates to appropriate jobs and forward the resumes to hiring managers of various companies. Recruiters from staffing agencies also often meet one-on-one with the hiring managers to help them understand the advantages of recruiting a person with autism.

Automobile major Ford Motor Company recently announced the launch of a new job training program for people with autism. A typical job under the program directs people with autism to a specialized section where they are counseled by specialists.

Many young children with autism, courtesy early detection and applied behavior analysis (ABA), are growing up as superb candidates to be employed. They are eager and ready to contribute their bit to the society. Not only Ford Motor, many other big multinational companies have realized that people with autism can be a valuable addition to their staff. Hiring them would have a positive impact for both businesses and the community as a whole.

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