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Adjustable Beds Can Ease Back Pain While You Sleep

Sleeping on your flatbed may be amplifying your back pain at night. When you lie flat your vertebrae move out of alignment putting pressure on the damaged area of ​​your spine aggravating your old back problem ..

Over many years of laying the wrong way you can turn a minor back pain into a chronic lower back problem. It is no wonder that many Americans who have lower back problems suffer with nagging pain in bed at night. After hours of sleeping flat getting out of bed in the morning is difficult and painful. Remember the last morning you got out of bed and the pain was unbearable? You might have said to yourself, "I can't keep living like this." Our bodies use the language of pain to communicate with us. When we feel pain our bodies are telling us to immediately stop what we are doing and seek relief. Unfortunately many of us with low back problems ignore the pain and do not seek relief in time. Unwittingly we wait until it is too late and the damage is done. Then we cry; "Why is this happening to me?"

The cause of low back pain can begin for any number of reasons. It can begin because you lift in the wrong way, you bend over the wrong way or you sit or stand with the wrong posture straining the lower back muscles. One of the biggest complaints of lower back pain is after exercise. It is not the time to strengthen your back muscles when you are suffering with back pain. Usually after exercise your back is sore and the pain intensifies. You are in more pain after exercise than before you started.

The best nighttime remedy for back pain is to give your back muscles rest and a chance to recuperate while you sleep. We recommend that you sleep with your head and feet slightly elevated supporting the natural curves of your spin on an adjustable bed. In this position your spine can align putting it in a natural position temporarily taking the strain off your lower back muscles.

When you begin to sleep in this position you can wake up in the morning with less back pain. You will find that without the usual nagging back pain at night you can sleep better and you can have more energy and endurance during the day. Adjustable bed customers tell us they love the comfort and relaxation their adjustable bed gives them. And many of them say they wish they would have bought their adjustable bed 20 years ago.

If you are bothered with back trouble and you have trouble sleeping at night you owe it to yourself to try a comfortable and relaxing adjustable beds.

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