Back Pain

Adolescent Back Pain

Back pain is a major problem here in the U.S. It’s a fact that it is one of the most common conditions. Anyone old or young can experience back pain. There are many things that can cause adolescent back pain. This article will take a look at some of the most common causes of adolescent back pain and what could possible be done to help prevent this condition from happening.

Research shows that a great number of our children are overweight and that number is growing daily. Adolescent back pain can be caused from obesity. We are a very busy people, and the days of dinner at home, at the table, with a home cooked meal, are few and far between. We always seem to be on the run and we go for the most convenient meal available which is fast food. Most fast foods are high in calorie and fat. They are not healthy for our children; especially on a frequent routine. We are not teaching our children to eat healthy to make their bones strong, and adolescent back pain can be the result, not just for the now, but for the future as well if they continue to eat unhealthy.

Lack of exercise can also be a cause for adolescent back pain. With all the video games and internet, our children spend a lot of time sitting. Most kids don’t even go out for sports anymore, so they are not getting regular exercise to keep their muscles strong and healthy. Our bodies need regular exercise for oxygen to flow freely through the blood making our cells and muscles strong. Strong healthy muscles can help prevent adolescent back pain.

Since our young people are on the go, most of them have back packs in which they carry not only their school books, but in a lot of circumstances, they carry extra clothes, food, and games. There a number of back packs to choose from now days and some are good size. The point is, they can fit a lot of things into these back packs and they can be very heavy. Poor posture and being overweight carrying the back pack, can cause adolescent back pain. A lot of times the child is carrying too much weight for their size. We think that because they can lift the back pack and put it on, it will be OK. Wrong, the added weight can cause adolescent back pain especially if their bones are weak.

Just training our children to eat healthy and exercise daily can help prevent adolescent back pain, and it will help promote a healthier life as well.

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