Back Pain

Advice on Back Pain Reduction

Back pain might be one of the common physical ailments but it causes severe consequences which can literally affect the personal career and individual growth.

Some of the prominent reasons for back pain are excessive accumulation of abdominal gas and fecal matter in the intestine. In addition to it, the banding of muscle spasms which support the spinal chord also caused back pain. The pain can be enhanced through kidney and bladder infections, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and gynecological problems in women.

Thus, to curb this menace of back pain, one should drink more water. It is advisable to drink at least half the ounce of water of your body weight. Along with the muscle balance therapy, one should also opt for a visceral massage. This massage helps in the application of inward pressure on the rib cage which relaxes the spasm muscles and ribs. This process demands patience and tolerance.

Colonic irrigation or hydro colon therapy is another effective method of treating back ache. It causes the flushing the fecal matter from the intestine. Since this method is quite uncomfortable and expensive, it is necessary to appoint a professional for it. Though, one can try out the new formulations available for colon cleansing. These formulations are reliable and don’t cause bloating or cramping. The other effective products are namely herbal tea and anti- parasitic products.

Leaving apart these medical treatments, one can also cure back pain by improving the normal postures of standing, sitting and sleeping. Once in a while, stretching of muscles is also beneficial. Those suffering from regular back pain should avoid bending and stooping. They should also stop the lifting of heavy objects.

Wearing of low-heeled shoes and sleeping of firm mattress can also help in lessening back pain. Along with it, one should avoid the employment of any kind of activity which will hurt the back. Meditation and yoga are also essential in the treatment of back pain as they reduce the amount of stress and tension, which is engulfing the peace and posture of the patient.

Thus, the cure of back pain is no doubt, the improvement of daily rituals along with the intake of proper medicines and treatments.

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