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Back Stretchers for Pain Relief

Have you ever wondered what one of the most common contributors to back pain is?  Nothing but good old fashioned gravity is our culprit by putting pressure and stress on every muscle, joint, ligament and bone in our body.  So while you can go from doctor to specialist trying to determine the best way to treat your back pain, why not use a proven treatment called inversion therapy.  It is a very simple method that is safe, quick and very effective in relieving the pressure and stress that creates back pain.

Your body is a series of bones and discs that have a core of gel like material serving as a system of shock absorbers.  This gives us flexibility and comfort while doing all our daily activities.  Throughout the day, the fluid from our discs is absorbed by the surrounding tissue.   

This is why we actually shorten in height throughout the day.  While sleeping, most of this fluid does soak back into the discs.  As we continue to lose more of this cushion,   pressure on nerves occur which causes pain.  Often this pressure is not even throughout the vertebrae and results in bulging or herniated discs. 

Obviously, we can’t avoid gravity so the best way is to use gravity to undo the damage it has done all day.   By increasing the space between discs and allowing a herniated disc to move back into place or ease the pressure on nerves, the muscles and ligaments around the spine can relax relieving the discomfort.  Almost sounds too simple or too good to be true. 

On an inversion table you lay on your back, relaxed, in the inverted position.  This allows the relief of some or all of the compression caused by gravity, depending on how inverted you lie.   These tables come in different price ranges and with different capabilities.  One of the most well known is the Teeter Hang Up or Inversion table developed by Roger Teeter. 

As with all therapies, there are concerns about possible side effects or adverse effects.  Some people cannot tolerate being inverted completely without becoming dizzy and nauseous.  Complete inversion is something that can be eased into with gradual increase of the inversion degree over a steady amount of time.  There has never been a reported case of a stroke caused by inversion although redness of the face is normal.  This is actually a sign of increased blood flow to the brain, eyes, skin and hair.  Those with a history of high blood pressure, heart issues or eye conditions should always be evaluated by their physician prior to undergoing inversion therapy.

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