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Bikram Yoga After Pregnancy For Weight Loss

The end of pregnancy marks the beginning of a joyous little bundle in the new mom's life, but at the same time, it can be mentally stressful and taxing as well, especially for first time moms. In addition it leaves behind the undesirable excess weight that was packed on during the nine months of wait for the precious baby. So all health conscious moms turn to strict exercise programs to shed the extra pounds as dieting during breast feeding is not possible and recommended. Bikram yoga offers a great way to get back in shape physically and reduce stress levels post pregnancy.

Although Bikram is not suitable to practice during pregnancy; it can do wonders for the yogi post partum. Conducted in a highly heated room of about temperatures between 95 to 100 degrees; Bikram helps to remove toxins from the body and the high heat causes excessive sweating in turn forcing the body to burn more calories. The strenuous stretching postures are made easy with the heat allowing the yogi to achieve increased flexibility, in turn producing a healthier and toner body.

Women are able to reap benefits from Bikram as it provided with the weight loss without over exerting the body. The postures of hot yoga are not excessively difficult especially for women who have practiced yoga before and during pregnancy. New moms can start Bikram yoga as soon as their medical practitioner approves, sometimes within 2 weeks after giving birth, as it does not involve any intense aerobic or cardio exercises.

The other great advantage of Bikram after pregnancy is the decrease in high mental and physical stress levels that it provides. Yoga promotes a sense of calm for the mind and spirit, but Bikram goes a step further in assisting with the elimination of the physical stress that the woman's body goes through during childbirth. The muscles are able to reach their full stretching capacity in the hot rooms allowing improved blood circulation and increased oxygen flow through the body. This results in the entire body regaining health to its pre pregnancy vitality.

It is important to keep yourself highly hydrated though, as the high heat can cause severe dehydration if proper care is not taken. In particular new moms who are breast feeding need to be extra cautious about the water loss as low water levels in the body can affect their milk supply. Other unwanted side effects that one might experience after starting Bikram Yoga included nausea and light headedness. This is also caused by the high heat but improves once you get used to exercising in a hot room. New mothers are also advised to take it slow and keep it simple in order gain maximum benefits from their sessions. Do not overdo and listen to your body as it can provide you with the best guidance of its endurance levels.

Overall hot yoga is a fantastic tool for weight loss and a healthier life after pregnancy and thousands of women utilize it for gaining their pre pregnancy weight and shape back!

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