Back Pain

Can Homeopathy Quickly Relieve My Back Pain?

This is good question which needs to be clarified in some detail, as there are many factors to consider. However, if you can follow the principles of homeopathy, then you’ll find that it can. And it can also heal it totally.

Let’s look at some of the basic principles of homeopathy that you need to understand before your treatment will be successful. Of course, you don’t need to consider them at all if you are consulting with a professional homeopath, as they do all the thinking for you. But if you want to learn to treat yourself in some situations, such as your back pain, then you will need to understand and apply the following points:

1. Homeopathy works by the best choice of remedy to match either your acute situation or yourself in your entirety. This means that the wrong choice will result in nothing happening. The best choice of remedy needs to consider the cause of your back pain (such as injury, strain, over-exertion, family trait, menstruation, pregnancy, with osteoporosis, etc), the sensation of the pain (such as shooting, aching, stinging, stabbing, etc), the natural things which exacerbate or improve the pain (such as cold, heat, pressure, stretching, etc) and various other equally important factors.

2. The best choice of potency (strength) of the most appropriate remedy is also important in the results of the treatment.

3. Your personal frequency of dose, will provide you with the fastest results.

4. When all these factors are given your due consideration, then you can expect total resolution of your back pain. When the pain dramatically decreases, it means you have made a great choice of the many important levels. Deep healing has started. If the treatment is successfully carried on through to the conclusion of all your symptoms, both major and subtle, then it is unlikely that you will ever suffer from the long term of the problem.

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