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Cause of Lower Back Pain: Associated Symptoms of this Common Malady

Cause of Lower Back Pain can arise out of complex origins and symptoms including identified muscle trauma, or a hitherto unknown non-traumatic event. Moreover Lower back pain can originate in regions other than the back and eventually find its way to the muscles or other structure in the lower back. The origins of lower back pain are many and varied, including congenital disorders, inflammatory disease, and circulatory disorders among others.

Physicians are hard pressed to pin down the accurate cause of a patient suffering from lower back pain owing to the complex composition of the human spinal. The spinal chord is a three-dimensional puzzle made up of bone, discs, muscles, ligaments and tendons and a myriad of other tissues that can easily mask the precise Cause of Lower Back Pain. Moreover, psychological causes like anger, fear, anxiety, frustration, depression and various other psychological states make it even more difficult to pinpoint and treat lower back pain. These can cause back pain or can also be the associated symptoms of lower back pain existing concurrently with pain.

The cause of lower back pain is of various types. The emotional components stated above also complicated the diagnosis of the malady and sometimes lead to a wrong diagnosis resulting in needless surgery. Back pain is grouped into two categories: Acute and Chronic. A back pain that is sudden in origin is called Acute and can be caused by internal organ disease, cancer, arthritis, fractures, trauma, and infections around the spine. Chronic back pain is more constant and patients might have to endure it for months before finding any relief in their lower back.

Some of the common disorders that are cause of lower back pain, result in lower back pain can be listed as under:

Mechanical Disorders: In this case a specific part of the spine experiences pain owing to damaged to the ligament or a joint in the spine.

Developmental Disorders: An irregularity in the formation and growth of the skeleton cause lower back pain resulting in a conservative treatment like surgery, which is necessary to prevent long-term disability.

Inflammatory and Infectious Disorders: These are not common cause of lower back pain, but nevertheless are very important because not only they are difficult to diagnose by also result in serious consequences if not diagnoses early.

Another rare occurrence is the cancerous tumor in the spine or spinal chord, which result in lower back pain. The most common symptom of a spinal tumor is pain. And, last but not the least, an injury to the spine results in a trauma like condition which in turn gives rise to pain in the back. It is very important to note these disorders as major cause of lower back pain in the final scheme of things that will help you to understand this disorder better.

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