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Chinese Medicine Cures Back Pain More Often Than You Think

Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on the kidneys as the source of the majority of people’s back pain. Many of the Chinese back pain therapies are focused on the kidney area of the body. One of the most widely used forms of Chinese medicine for back pain is acupuncture.

Acupuncture relies on small thin stainless steel needles being inserted into various points on the body in order to remove blockages of the energy that flows around the body. “Chi” and which is very often trapped near the kidneys that is said to be the cause of some type of back pain and back related disorders.

Depending on how long the blockage has been in place will depend on the amount of acupuncture therapy needed to remove the blockage and to eliminate the associated pain. Research and studies have shown that acupuncture has been very successful in treating various types of back pain and related disorders of the back.

Another form of medicine used to treat back pain is moxabustion. Moxabustion is another form of medicine which is widely regarded as helping people overcome back problems they have had for sometimes many years and people have turned to this as a last resort. This involves concentrated herbs being burnt or sprayed over the skin to warm up the channels containing the blocked energy.

Chinese massage is a time old traditional form of medicine that is used to successfully alleviate the pain felt with back problems. Here a qualified therapist will use the hands to work on the meridian channels to encourage the chi to start flowing freely throughout the body. It is important that you choose a trained and qualified practitioner of Chinese massage to perform this technique especially if there is inflammation present in the area.

Herbal medicine is also sometimes prescribed either on its own or is suggested to compliment acupuncture. When back pain is the problem certain herbs are combined together which will help to strengthen the kidneys and to encourage the channels to open up and widen to allow the flow of energy so that blockages are non-existent. Again there is no ready made recipe to cure back pain; you should visit a qualified Chinese herbalist to have the remedy made up for you, depending on where the back pain is will depend on the combination of herbs needed.

It is said that every one in ten people suffer from some sort of back pain at some time or another; it is one of the most common types of problem that sends us to the doctor and the hospital. Back pain can vary from person to person in the area the pain is felt in and there are many different types of back pain and problems with the back. However, there is one form of medicine that is great for those who suffer from back pain and which many can find a great deal of relief in where other forms of medicine have failed. Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for centuries to help deal with many problems and one of the problems it is known to have great success with is problems relating to the back.

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