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EFT For Back Pains And Sex (Part 4)

Getting your Ch'i energy to flow freely and smoothly in your body can be made possible by employing the emotional freedom technique. This treatment is actually designed to make sure that your body is able to balance the yin and yang energy flow in your body.

Emotional freedom technique is actually performed by simply using the tips of your middle three fingers to tap specific acupuncture points situated on certain areas of the body. These points are actually mirrored on the other side of the body and the face, so the acupuncture point on the left side is the same at the right side. When you tap, make sure that you use only an ample amount of pressure, just similar to when you are typing on the keyboard of your computer.

When you perform this method, you also need to employ a focusing phrase to go along your tapping. This focusing phrase is actually the one that helps you focus on a particular issue or problem that you want addressed, like for example your back pains. Make sure that when you use focusing phrases, you try to be as specific about the precise area and level of the pain that you are experiencing, as this will help you focus your attention to that problem area better.

During the entire EFT process, you simply need to tap the different tapping energy points situated on certain areas on your body while saying your focusing phrase.

If, however, the pain remains, then you need to figure out the exact cause of the pain. Sometimes, it is rooted to some unresolved emotional issues. It could be a different aspect of the situation. Once you have figured out what that cause is, simply formulate a new focusing phrase, this time focus on the new cause that you believe to be the culprit for your pain and use that as your focusing phrase.

Keep in mind that untreated back pain can have an adverse effect on your relationship. Although it may begin as a physical ailment, it quickly becomes an emotional problem later on, especially if the back pain keeps on recurring or is prolonged. Make sure that when using this type of method for treating your back pains, always keep an open mind and a positive attitude. Just make sure that you try to alleviate your back pain as soon as possible in order to avoid any relationship problems later on.

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