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Sometimes I forget how much I love acupuncture, as a patient I feel great with regular acupuncture treatments. But satisfaction is complete when you have a success story as a practitioner of acupuncture. Even though I have performed many treatments, I still feel excited when my client has improved quality of life.

One day, a client came in who gets an acupuncture treatment every three weeks, she was smiling and looked happy. When she came in the treatment room I asked her "how are you today"?

She said, "I am great and not only today, but as long as I get my treatment every three weeks, I am great. I am pain free, my back doesn't hurt after seven years of suffering and I sleep great. anxiety and depression are gone as well. I have tried different treatment options from chiropractic to steroid injections. All that therapy had some temporary relief, but the pain always came back. "

"My last option was acupuncture, performed by a licensed acupuncturist and that was the best treatment that I received for my pain in last seven years. After 4 treatments, my pain was gone, occasional positional stiffness was all that I had. improved so much, I am spending more time with my friends, I am attending biking classes and yoga classes. I feel like I found myself again. "

Listening to her story and remembering her from the beginning of her acupuncture journey, she was in constant pain. Her back hurt her so much that she was not able to do anything. She had a problem with sleep, work and her social life. She went from an active busy woman to spending time in the house and trying different treatment options for her back pain. As time was passing she became more depressed and anxious. At that time, she said that she had tried a lot of treatment options including acupuncture with her chiropractor without any noticeable or lasting results. That is the reason why she didn't consider acupuncturist as a provider. She thought that a chiropractor would have the same options as an acupuncturist. As she finished her story, she commented that it was not the same when you have a treatment from a licensed acupuncturist. After she finished I just said thank you for sharing you story, you and people like you are the reason why I love acupuncture.

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