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Faster, Better Back Pain Relief With "10X" Therapy and Topical Pain Medication

“10X” Treatment – Could It Give You Faster Pain-relief?

New medical research confirms the 40-year theory that surgery is not often necessary for successful – and fast-relief – of lumbar herniated discs. Approximately 98% of patients won’t need any surgery – even “laser surgery” – for relief of the low back and radiating leg pain often associated with herniated discs.

The new and most-successful treatment paradigm is called “pattern-recognition.” This new refinement of a 40-year old system is based on:

  • Identifying the specific syndrome of pain one of seven syndromes – or patterns;
  • This is determined primarily by your back pain history, and
  • By the back movements that aggravate or relieve your back or radiating leg pain;

Lower back pain-relief comes fast enough that this new treatment approach can be called “10X” therapy because it can be ten times faster. In contrast, the usual medical treatment too-often attempts to get the diagnosis or specific cause of the pain.

Research has exposed the sad truth that this often fails in 80-90% of cases. This is especially true for the most-common type of back (or neck) pain – “non-specific low back pain.”

Standard or “Classic” Treatment For Back Pain – Pills, Physical Therapy, MRI’s, Needles…and Surgery?


  1. The ever-present oral pain-relief modalities don’t help the pain much;
  2. The typical generic core-strengthening and pain modalities don’t give lasting back pain relief either;
  3. Then back or radicular leg pain can begin to seem like a chronic or insurmountable problem.

Doctors usually proceed to try something they think will be stronger. Despite powerful pain pills like Percocet or Oxycontin, back pain doesn’t go away in 30-40% of cases.

In those cases, the historical preference has often been to try to get better pain relief with an epidural steroid injection. What happens is: A steroid (powerful anti-inflammatory) is injected into the area around the irritable lumbar spine or disc level based on the MRI findings and the doctor’s educated guess as to exactly which level.

A more technically-demanding procedure is the newer “foramenal epidural” where the steroid is guided into the opening where the nerve root exits the spinal canal. This more direct delivery of medication with injection into the foramen has been shown to be a bit more effective.

Either epidural steroid may give pain-relief for a few weeks or months – especially for radiating leg pain. However, once again the recent medical literature shows that there’s another alternative “needle” procedure – acupuncture – that may also help relieve the pain to enable the necessary exercise treatment. But at a lower price and outside the hospital, too.

The real obstacle to faster back pain relief is that most doctors don’t yet know about this new 10X “pattern-recognition” approach.

Other New Alternatives For Faster Back Pain-Relief

Another new delivery system for potent pain medication has recently become available in the United States – topical pain-relief medication applied directly to the painful area. This targeted-delivery approach has proven surprisingly effective for fast relief – up to 95.2% in 5 days reported in one British medical journal.

Hand-in-hand with the short-term relief from topical pain medications, the new pattern-based therapy can help that temporary targeted-delivery pain-relief to become a long-lasting back pain cure.

Turns out that very frequently, a specific set of special exercises can minimize and eventually eliminate back pain and even pain shooting down the leg or arm. Special resting positions and stretching exercises can also open the foramen, minimize the release of inflammatory chemicals, restore balance to the spinal vertebra and relieve the low back pain effectively.

Spine-Specialty Physical Therapy Is Different – and Better!

This new “spine-specialty” therapy approach is much more effective than the generic core strengthening, modalities and stretching offered by many therapists. Specialized therapy techniques based on pattern recognition are up to five – ten times (5X-10X) as effective as the usual back treatment.

Hence, the nickname – “10X Therapy.” This pattern-specific postural re-education works well for neck pain problems, too.

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