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Have You Thought About Using Yoga to Deal With Back Pain?

It is a good thing though that while there are so many causes of stress and back pain in today’s workplace, there are also as many remedies that you can apply to this problem. Several offices today have programs for relaxation and staff capability building exercises which not only includes professional growth seminars but exercises for physical well being such as sports and activities for relaxation such as yoga to deal with back pain and other stress related complaints.

Strained back muscles and intense back pain is fast becoming a very common complaint in today’s workplaces. This is because more and more young professionals and individuals are finding themselves spending longer periods of time in front of their desks and computers, forgetting the need to occasionally stand, stretch and exercise. This is made even worse by the tense environment caused by never ending deadlines and the pressure to excel in a competitive workplace.

This is because the use of yoga to deal with back pain has been proven effective through the years. This is true not only for young professionals but for housewives as well. Yoga focuses on aligning the spine. It involves several poses, movements and exercises that will stretch your muscles, especially those in your back and spinal area, which is the reason why many individuals and yoga practitioners recommend the practice of yoga.

Some of these poses in yoga include forward back stretches such as the Plough Pose or the Halasana and the Forward Bend pose, also known as the Paschimothanasana. You will also find that certain backward stretches in yoga such as the Inclined Plane Pose or the Purvotanasana and the Bow Pose or the Danurasana as well as the Wheel Pose also known as the Chakrasana are also effective stretches and poses in yoga to deal with back pain effectively. The Corpse Pose or what is known as the Savasana is a relaxation pose which is of course effective to relieve strained back muscles.

If your back pain persists or becomes chronic, this can be a symptom of a more complicated problem such as a urinary tract infection or a bladder infection so it may be best to consult a physician.

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