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How Can Exercise Reduce Back Pain?

Most people suffer from some type of back throughout their life. And unfortunately, the majority of these people suffer back pain permanently. And some, look to surgery as an option to cure this back pain.

Well, there are things you can do to prevent back pain. Preventions is always better and less expensive than treatment. But, most people don’t think about their health until they start losing it. And that is not the place you want to be. Here is an analogy for you. You put oil in your car every 3000 to 5000 miles or so, right? Because you know that if you don’t, eventually your engine will over heat and blow up. The same thing is true. If you don’t take care of your back, eventually it will give out on you. Makes sense.

Some of the causes of back pain are weak abdominals, fat belly, weak lumbar, spine out of line, and much more. This are your key reasons for back pain, which can be solved.

First, people with fat stomachs usually suffer from lower back pain. All that weight in the front puts an incredible strain on their back. The solution here is obvious. Simply lose weight and get your belly fat under control.

Second, most people with lower back pain have weak abdominals and core. That is why it is so important to exercise your core and abs. By strengthening your core, your body will have much more support and will be in balance, thus reducing the stress placed on your lower back. You will want to work your entire core, from lower abs, upper abs, and obliques.

Third, you also need to exercise your lumbar or lower back region. In reality, you should exercise your entire body to be in total balance. If you strengthen your lower back, it will have much more endurance and strength to combat the daily stresses placed upon it in life. Hyper-extensions is a great exercise for lower back.

And fourth, everyone, and I mean everyone should get back adjustments from a great chiropractor. No matter who you are, your spine will come out of alignment and you need to keep it in alignment. But, most people don’t see a chiropractor until they get some kind of serious injury. Seeing a chiropractor is like getting oil changes for you car. It should be pure prevention.

If you take my advice and incorporate these actions, your back pain will not be a pain in the neck for very long.

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