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How Reflexology Improves Blood Circulation

For centuries in reflexology has been used to cure a variety of aliments. Reflexology is a key component of Asian medicine. The principle behind this practice is that specific areas of the foot that connect to a specific body part. For example putting pressure on the center of the foot stimulates the kidney. In the same manner pressure on the toes affect the ears and nose. It is believed that applying pressure on these and other areas of the foot can eliminated pain and increase blood.

Increased blood flow can improve a number of health issues from insomnia to tension headaches. Because when blood flow is improved pain is reduced and healing can begin. Below are some other reasons for trying reflexology.

Stress is reduced and the ability to relax is improved.

Blood flow improves.

Tension headaches, stomach disorders, insomnia and hormonal imbalances improve. Best of all pain is reduced. It is interesting and fascinating that a practice developed many thousands of years ago actually works.

A word of caution: You may experience some pain or discomfort when being massaged by a reflexologist. It is important that if you experience any discomfort to let the practitioner know. This discomfort is usually cause by blockage of energy or imbalance.

Here are some tips and information to help you with your visit to the reflexologist.

  • Become familiar with the Reflexology flow chart. There are many examples online and having some knowledge of the chart will help you understand what the reflexiologist is doing.
  • Realize a number of treatments may be require before you notice the pain lessen. Foot and hand reflexology are not the same as foot and hand massages, although some regular massage techniques are incorporated into all reflexology treatments.
  • Try applying reflexology to your circulatory reflex points in between visits to your practitioner. Something as simple as rolling a tennis ball with your bare feet can give you relief.
  • Reflexology does work well with modern medical treatment. Best of all there are no side effects as there sometimes are with drugs.
  • A complete reflexology session should include all the pressure points for the circulatory system. After a session the reflexologist should do an assessment. Make sure to tell your practitioner at the beginning and end of the session of any concerns you may have and or any pain you are experiencing.

Reflexology is safe and non invasive treatment for many medical problems and along with modern medicine can be an effective holistic approach to healing and general wellness.

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