Back Pain

How to Target and Suppress Factors That Cause Lower Back Pain

Some of the psychosomatic and medical conditions that cause lower back pain are due to the stress they impose on the spinal support. Lower back pain is concentrated in the lumbar and pelvic regions of the vertebral column.

Targeting the main reason or several reasons that cause lower pain would depend on health history and physical examination. In case of involvements in accidents or due to the nature of one's current profession, more in-depth diagnostic methods may be necessary. Thus, the doctor may order a spinal x-ray, bone scan, CT scan, or MRI. Blood studies and nerve conduction studies may also be helpful to pinpoint the exact cause of lower back aches.

Most contributing factors that cause lower back pain are obesity, stress and depression. They are easy to address and would require supportive treatment. The focal point of supportive treatment involves pain relief and minimizing discomfort, enhancement of patient awareness, and adjustment of everyday activities.

Swimming, whirlpool, diathermy, tai chi, intermittent pelvic traction and exercise programs which call for fluid motions (not strenuous activities) will give you the exercise you need to strengthen all the parts of the body and correct your posture. Please consult your family doctors before undergoing any of these activities, especially if your lower back pain is excruciating. Exercise may make the pain worse rather than relieving it. Painkillers or analgesic agents, stress reduction, and proper lumbar or low back support (like braces) would also limit discomfort. Make sure you are not allergic to the chemical components of the drugs or relaxants you are using. Physical therapy, heat or cold therapy can also be very effective medical management of factors that cause lower back pain.

When pain is severe, bed rest is the main choice to alleviate the pain. Patient is placed in bed in a position that supports lumbar flexion. This means that the head of the bed is raised 30 degrees, and the patient's knees are supported to slightly flexed position to avoid prone position.

Although back pains are common ailments that has been suffered by many Americans, it may signal a more serious ailment that needs more complicated medical attention.

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