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Important Information When Choosing Lower Back Exercises

Before applying any sort of training or healing strategy to our lower back, we must ask the question what is it exactly that we want to achieve by using these exercises. Whether we want to work mostly on the muscles and soft tissues or more on the structure and alignment of the spine? We can possibly work on both the aspects simultaneously. The important questions would be; what is the main principle and goal of our back training? Do we want to fix the pain, loosen up or strengthen the muscles? Is strengthening or stretching type of exercise the answer for all our problems and needs?

These are the important questions to ask especially if you are experiencing the low back pain and hope to get rid of it by using lower back exercises. The presentation of back pain in every individual is different and may arise from different origin; therefore the therapeutic exercises to fix it in different individuals will be different too. There are no lower back exercises which are good for everybody, who is suffering from pain and injury. The exact cause and origin of the pain has to be detected, before applying the correct exercise program, otherwise the wrong exercise can cause more harm than good. There are lots of stereotypes about stretching or strengthening the muscles in back pain patients. These strategies could be useful if the actual reason of the problem is known.

If you don’t experience any pain; just mild stiffness or tension, then you are usually safe using most of the strengthening and stretching exercises considering that your posture is relatively good and you don’t have any serious abnormalities in your spine structure. On the other hand, if you suffer from back pain, it is always safer to consult the physiotherapist to make sure that your exercise program is correctly chosen for your individual needs. This rule is especially important when your back pain is acute and neuronal in nature. If you experience any sharp tingling, numbness or shooting radiating pain from the spine to the limbs or from the spine to the chest area, these types of symptoms suggest the nerve involvement. Most likely the nerve becomes trapped by slipping or bulging disc. Applying the wrong type of exercises in such cases can have serious consequences.

So whenever you have back pain especially sharp in nature, try to consult the back specialist who will advise you the type of lower back exercises which are good for you and the ones you should avoid. This approach will allow you to get rid of your injury quicker and get back to your favorite activities and sports in shorter time.

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