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Is Hoola Hooping a Good Lower Back Exercise Program?

When having experienced back stiffness or pain, we are often looking for a good lower back exercise program. But how do we know if it is safe and still fun? Well, education is the first step. Here, I am going to educate you about the benefits of hoola hooping as an exercise program.

A lower back exercise program should be safe and help prevent injury to your back. You should be able to gain independence and perform your exercise program at home. It should be fun and energizing. It should feel like time well spent. Why not an activity you look forward to doing?

When choosing a lower back exercise program you want to meet these goals:

  • core stabilization
  • improve posture
  • gain body awareness
  • increase balance and symmetry in the body
  • lose weight

What does all this mean? And how does the hoola hoop gain all these goals? Let me explain.

Core stabilization is a term used for the muscles that keep the spine in a safe position when doing activities. You could have strong arms and legs, but if your core stabilizers are weak, you are at risk for injury to your back and spine. Hoola hooping taps into these core stabilizers because of the natural movement your body needs to maintain the hoop spinning.

Also, in order to keep the hoop moving, your posture must be in good alignment. You also have to 'feel' where the hoop is in space, this will improve your body awareness. Otherwise, your hoop will eventually fall. Also, when performing your hooping exercises in both directions, your body will learn to balance and gain symmetry from right to left. Finally, you get a cardiovascular workout which helps you burn calories and lose weight, while having fun!

While hooping, one way to reach your goals is to use a mirror. You can use a mirror for feedback and 'feel' your movement. You want the hoop to spin 'smooth' and not 'jerky'. You want to move relaxed and not stiff. Yes, we are looking for 'effortless movement'. Equal movement throughout the pelvis and spine. You want to feel the spine move in waves.

Hoola hooping allows you to reach all these goals. These goals are ideal for a complete and safe lower back exercise program.

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