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Is Your Lower Back Pain Treatment Customized For You?

Do you suffer from pain in your lower back on a regular basis? If yes, then it is time you explored the various options available for lower back pain treatment. Different people react differently to the same treatment. Some people would even prefer to go in for surgery rather than endure a bit of pain during a physical therapy session.

The first step to find a remedy to your back pain would be to consult a doctor or chiropractor to determine its cause and intensity. Thereafter, a lower backache treatment tailored to your specific case could be charted out.


Understanding the cause of your backache is of utmost importance. There are many causes of backache such as-

  • Injury
  • Incorrect posture
  • Stress
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Wear and tear of the spinal discs
  • Working for long in a sitting position or
  • Pregnancy


  • Caused by injury or wear and tear of the spinal discs.

You would have to consider going in for a surgery. Surgery is a feasible option in case of chronic and severe pain. Earlier, surgery used to involve an "open" process wherein a large incision would be made. This involved greater blood loss, more medication and a longer time to recuperate. Nowadays, an alternative endoscopic surgery procedure is more popular. This involves making a small cut in the skin where an endoscope is inserted. The endoscope gives the surgeon a magnified view of the area to be operated. This procedure is conducive to speedy recovery.

  • Caused by incorrect posture, stress, lifting heavy objects, working for long in a sitting position or pregnancy.

An ideal solution in the above cases would be to do exercises to strengthen the back muscles. If the pain is severe, your lower backache treatment could include medication. Some medicines that are commonly taken are aspirin, codeine or paracetamol. Once the pain subsides, you can start doing exercises specifically designed for alleviating lower backache. Acupuncture, massages, electrical stimulation and magnetic therapy are other ways by which back pain can be treated.

Finally, your doctor and you should come to a decision on the treatment option that would work the best for you. Once your lower back pain treatment is complete, you should take care to not allow the problem of backache to sneak back into your life. You can do this taking a healthy diet, getting proper sleep and doing regular exercise. Maintaining a good posture will also minimize the chances of backache from recurring.

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