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It’s A Fact, You Can Use Pilates To Relieve Your Back Pain

Joseph Pilates developed his revolutionary holistic exercise system in the early 20th century. He designed it as a holistic regime where the mind and body work together. The emphasis on improved breathing techniques ensures that the mind helps control the body’s movements.

The techniques used were developed by Pilates to improve his own health. They were also successfully used by him with soldiers rehabilitating from injuries suffered during the war.

The American Chiropractic Association has stated that lower back pain is the leading cause of disability in the world and that half of U.S. workers have admitted to having back pain. Indeed it is believed by experts that an estimated 80% of the population will experience back problems at some point in their life time.

Pilates can help relieve back pain through holistic methods and without drugs. It is an effective method of back pain relief due to the fact that it deals with the fundamental imbalances in the body’s structure. These structural imbalances lead to back pain as well as issues such as poor posture and pelvic instability. There are four key ways that Pilates can help relieve back pain.

Pilates Helps to Develop Core Strength

Core strength is at the center of the Pilates workout and methodology. By focusing on the core muscles they become stronger and more flexible. Together these more flexible and stronger muscles at the center of the body work together to support the back and to stabilize it.

Pilates Increases Flexibility

The spine is designed to curve, twist and move from side to side. Misalignment can reduce spinal mobility and cause pain. Through the development of the core muscles the muscles in the back and abdomen begin to work together more efficiently. Their ability to support the spine effectively is increased. In turn spinal mobility is increased.

Pilates Develops Awareness of the Body

Pilates’ workouts are designed to focus on and involve both the mind and body. Control of movement and breathing is a critical factor. As awareness of the body, its movements, alignment and breathing increase within the workout it also extends into the everyday life.

This awareness helps to ensure that the benefits of the workout extend beyond the session. The improved posture helps to reduce back pain due to the strengthened core muscles and knowledge of how to align the body correctly.

Pilates Helps to Correct Posture

By ensuring that the mind is involved in the workout attention can be paid to alignment, muscle use and development. Good posture is crucial to reducing back pain as if spinal alignment is off in any way it can cause stress on the spine. The workouts in Pilates will help ensure that the pelvis and spine are supported effectively and properly placed to reduce strain on the spine and back pain.

Sufferers of back pain as well as pain on movement can find relief through Pilates. A core principle of Pilates is that the mind controls the body and its movements. There is a particular focus on the core muscles and strengthening them. The strengthened core muscles can ensure that the body is balanced and aligned. In turn this provides improved posture as the muscles in the back are able to support the frame more efficiently. Spinal flexibility is also increased and mobility increased. For those who suffer from back pain Pilates can be an effective method of relief from pain.

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