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Looking Good, But Feeling Bad? Dress to Feel Better

From the runway to the chiropractor’s office . . . fashion trends such as high heels, oversized purses, and tight skirts and pants might look trendy, but they can result in pain, misalignment, and bad posture.

In particular, high heels can both cause and exacerbate back pain by altering the position of your body – shortening the hamstring muscles, tipping the pelvis forward, and pulling the spine out of alignment.

In addition, heavy purses, briefcases, and backpacks carried over one shoulder can cause shoulder and upper-body imbalances and injuries. Finally, tight, constricting clothes can make common, simple movements such as walking, bending, and sitting much more difficult, leading to poor posture and misaligned spines.

If you do experience back or leg pain from your shoes or clothes, consider the following feel-better tips:

· Visit a local chiropractor for an adjustment, massage, and lifestyle tips to help you feel better. Chiropractic care can help you walk, stand, and sleep more comfortably.

· Consider more comfortable shoes: If you can’t resist high heels, bring a pair of flat shoes as an alternative or for periods of walking and standing. Flats continue to be a popular and healthy trend in footwear.

· Stretch regularly – especially if you have a job where you sit for eight or more hours a day. And if you are sitting for long periods of time, remove wallets or other items from your back pockets.

· Use a purse or briefcase with a wide, adjustable strap and switch it back and forth from your right shoulder to your left, evenly distributing the weight of its contents. Likewise, go through the bag’s contents from time to time to make sure you’re not carrying an extra and unnecessary five or ten pounds.

You can also consult your doctor, chiropractor, or masseuse for more tips on looking and feeling great.

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