Back Pain

Lower Back Exercise – The Key to Healing Back Pain

Healing Back Pain With Lower Back Exercises

A daily routine of lower back exercises can play a critical role in the overall function of the lower back.

The spine is one of the most important and complex structures in our body. Almost every movement we

make in some way affects our spine, that’s how central the spine is to our over all good health.

To achieve a strong, flexible and healthy back, it’s vital that we pay attention to the lower muscles. These

are better know as the abdominal muscles and provide important support for the lower back. Keeping these muscles strong, and properly balanced with lower back exercises is the key to getting rid of back pain.

Exercises to Heal the Back

Lower back exercises mainly consist of stretching and strengthening techniques, by performing this types of exercises we build up and nurture the muscles in our back in a way that will support an sustain proper posture and health.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching is the most powerful way to relieve pain from the muscles in the lower back. It develops flexibility in the spine and creates a condition for the back to heal. It is probably the most important activity you can perform to ensure that your back will be healthy for years to come. When we perform stretching exercises on the lower back it releases stored up tension in the muscles, which

eliminates tightness and spasms which in turn eases pain.

Strengthening Exercises

Another important exercise activity is back strengthening, the spine or backbone is the chief support of the back so it must be strong. It is very important not to over do it with these types of exercises as more harm can be done than good. For this reason it is important lo listen to your body at all times while doing strengthening exercises.

Remember to do muscle stretching in your back before performing any strengthening techniques

The whole point with lower back exercises is to take it one step at a time, most people make the mistake of being too active too soon after back injury and suffer relapse after relapse as a consequence. It all comes down to knowing how much to do, when to rest, and for how long.

If you get into a habit of listening to your body on a regular basis, and apply muscle stretching followed by strengthening techniques, you will be able to heal your back pain and enjoy a stronger, more flexible spine than ever before.

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