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Lower Back Pain: 5 Effective Poses That Are Helpful

A large number of people, are suffering from this health condition called "lower back pain." This can be traced to the activities they perform daily, which could be very challenging. You find yourself in most situations, either bending down, sitting, standing or lying down. If you find out the main reason why most people, occasional visit the hospital, you will discover that back pain is the cause. New studies, regarding the benefit of yoga in taking care of this condition have started surfacing. People who are aware of it, are taking full advantage of it.

Yoga poses can be very beneficial, but if they are not done accurately, their benefits will not be achieved. If you are just practicing yoga for the first time, it is important for you to get a qualified yoga teacher to work with. Pose alignment is very important, and that is what your yoga instructor will help you to achieve. If you want to strengthen and stabilize your lower back, the key in all postures is to maintain a small egg-sized curve, at the base of the spine. Yoga poses such as happy baby poses, as well as downward facing dog, become more challenging and more therapeutic, when you focus on holding an egg-sized lumbar curve in the spine, creating an extension of the spine.

Here are some examples of yoga poses for lower back pain.

1. Downward facing dog

This pose is excellent for back pain. It is one of the most ubiquitous poses of yoga, and also the most useful. When participating in this particular type of pose, the entire spine is stretched and decompressed. It also helps to lengthen the hamstrings and also promotes blood circulation.

2. Legs up the wall pose

This pose, gently stretches the hamstrings and lower back. During practice, ensure that you place a folded blanket or other support under the lower back. Also extend your legs up the wall, allowing the soles of your feet to face the ceiling.

3. Cat / Cow Pose

This pose is not just simple but very effective. It helps to bring flexibility into the spine, and it is also excellent for stretching the back, hips as well as the abdomen. It is also excellent for relieving lower back pain as well as sciatica.

4. The child's pose or supported child's pose

This pose is also very effective. It helps to align the spine and also take pressure off the lower back.

5. The reclined pigeon pose

If you are looking for a yoga pose that offers large amount of relief to back pain, the reclined pigeon pose has to come first. This pose, helps to stretch the spine, hips as well as inner thighs. It is known fact that tightness in this area can cause low back pain, so practicing this pose, will put you in a good position to avert the condition. The reclined pigeon pose, is also excellent for relieving sciatic pains.

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