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Lower Back Pain – Discovering The Most Common Cause Of Pain In Your Low Back

So what exactly IS the most common cause of pain in your lower back?

Hold onto you hat! Pain in your lower back is almost always caused by muscles. Don't give up on me. Muscles are powerful!

Here's what muscles do:

  • Muscles move bones.
  • Muscles move joints.
  • Muscles move disks in your spine.

Bones, disks and joints cannot move unless muscles tell them to move.

Muscles are the prime movers of your body! You can only move because you have muscles.

But sometimes your muscles get out of balance-that means they are too strong on one side of your body and too weak on the other side.

That's called muscle imbalance. It causes lower back pain as well as pain in your head and neck and other parts of your body.

Well, it's not their fault when your muscles get out of balance. They wouldn't be unhappy and complaining if you did everything perfectly in all of your movements.

But you don't. Most of us don't. But we CAN change. Here's how:

  1. We can add movements that balance our muscles better.
  2. We can use ALL of our muscles instead of the same old ones over and over. That's what causes low back pain.

Using ALL of your muscles will help get rid of back pain naturally.

Did you know we have hundreds of muscles in our bodies? Yet most of us get stuck using the same 70 or so over and over. This is what creates muscle imbalance.

You used to use all of your muscles when you were a child. You can do it again. Bodies change and heal all the time.

Here are two common causes for pain in your low back:

  1. The muscles in the front of your body are stronger than the back muscles. That can give you too much curve in your lower back.
  2. The muscles in your back are stronger or tighter than in the front. That can pull the curve out of your lower back. You will not have enough of a hollow behind your waist. Your back will be too flat.

Exercise might seem to be the answer and it's a good answer. However, one size does NOT fit all when it comes to getting rid of your low back pain naturally. Each body is unique and we all fall into different patterns of dysfunction.

The exercises that work for my body may not be the ones that work for you.

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