Back Pain

Lower Back Strengthening Exercises Great For Preventing Back Pain

Lower back strengthening exercises are an integral part of any core workout program. You should start with the basic exercises that strengthen your back. Once these are too easy, you should add the intermediate back exercises.

Strengthening the core muscles, which include the lower back, abdominal and hip flexors, helps support and stabilize your spine, pelvis and shoulders and minimizes or alleviates back pain. This can also help reduce the risk of back injury. Strengthening exercises when done in conjunction with stretching exercises are much more effective in helping to prevent injury and pain. Back stretching is a very crucial part for strengthening the back muscles.

Core strength and core stability provides support for many activities. A strong core is the backbone of a strong body however when most people think about the core, their first thought is abdominal exercises. Abdominal exercises by themselves however won’t make a complete core workout. Core strengthening involves training 29 core muscles that need to be used on a regular basis and for anyone who has had or is currently experiencing lower back pain core stabilization and strengthening is critical to aiding their return to daily living and regular activities. Core strengthening exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home and is not limited to a fitness setting.

Back strengthening exercises, specifically those aimed at the lower back, are an important part of any well balanced workout routine. However, if you do not have a back injury and want to help reduce risk of injury and pain, then try some back strengthening exercises as they would help to develop your core strength and core stability.

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