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Pain Relief From Sciatica – Help For Your Sciatica Pain

Along with pain relief from sciatica, one must also concentrate on the condition that results in the pain. There are several ways to get pain relief from sciatica.

Sciatica causes terrible back pain, due to pressure on the sciatic nerve. Standing or sitting for a prolonged period or activities like cycling for too long can also cause sciatica. The hurting spreads from the lower back to the buttocks and even to the foot.

To begin with, medicines such as aspirin, Tylenol and ibuprofen are common to reduce both the inflammation and are also known to reduce sciatica pain. Medications must be taken following a doctors direction.

Secondly, apart from medications, regular exercises are also valuable in providing pain relief from sciatica. In case of acute pain a few days of complete bed rest may perhaps help in easing the soreness but too much bed rest has an adverse effect. It weakens the muscles and instead of reducing pain one can finish up having further pain.

Thirdly, stretching exercises and massage therapies treat muscle spasms and help in pain relief from sciatica. Muscle spasms if left untreated; tend to intensify the pain from sciatica.

Fourthly, a proper sitting posture is crucial to lessening the pain and also to prevent the too much stress on the lower back. Soft mattresses or reclined chairs used for sitting can make worse the condition and create a hindrance in the process of cure.

Other than the ones mentioned, avoiding lifting heavy things, hot and cold compressions, several natural remedies like consuming raw garlic, garlic milk, potato juice, a nutritious and balanced diet including vitamin B1 enriched fruits and vegetables, proper intake of water and a few things that one should follow for pain relief from sciatica.

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