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Relieving Back Pain At Home – Just One Of The Benefits Of A Gravity Inversion Table

If you are suffering from the persistent back pain, then I know how you must feel. Been there done that. While getting dressed up, putting on your socks or your shoes can be an exercise in balance and pain tolerance. Reaching down to pick something up from the floor can cause a severe discomfort. Often all you want is to just lay down and rest. In this article we will talk about the benefits of relieving back pain at home.

In particular, gravity inversion table is proving to be one of the most effective ways to help with the back pain relief without the need to go see a doctor or chiropractor, without the expense of the medications with their side effects, and without even the need for a gym membership to give you the ability to use their inversion equipment.

Instead, from the comfort of your home, you can enjoy gravity inversion table benefits and you can give yourself a shot at relieving back pain that you have.

We will briefly go over the principle of operation of the inversion therapy table and give pointers to all the ailments it can help relieve such as the relieve lower back pain, upper back pain, middle back pain and relieve spinal pain.

How does an inversion table or an inversion bench work?

A gravity inversion table consists of a triangular, wedge-like, stable frame which holds an axis on which an inversion bench is affixed. You lay on this bench, tighten the ankle claps or ankle holders, and invert yourself to the desired inversion angle around the inversion bench axis. You can see the benefit of inversion even at as little as 30 degrees. People report feeling lighter after just five to ten minutes of a simple, partial inversion.

But you don’t have to stop there. You will see even more benefits at the 45 and 60 degree inversion, and you will be able to start doing the first inversion exercises such as crunches, at these levels.

At the full 90 degree inversion, in addition to enjoying the free “hanging”, you will also be able to do limited crunches, and side-to-side body movements, strengthening your abs, and muscles on both sides of your body.

Relieving back pain naturally at home and more…

Back pain relief: Although medical profession is still undecided about the long term benefits of inversion, it is clear from the buyers of inversion benches that in many documented cases, gravity inversion benches will help either temporarily or permanently remove the back pain. People reported significant relief of herniated disc in as little as a few minutes spent on the inversion table. Others reported permanent sciatica back pain reduction after days or weeks of use. And back pain relief is not all, there are other benefits such as spinal decompression.

Spinal decompression: When you “hang”, the spinal column experiences a condition that it may have never experienced before: The pressure on the spinal disks and bones (vertebrae) vanishes completely. You can imagine your spinal disks, which carry the pressure of the vertebrae even during sleep, uttering a sigh of relief. And of course, there is more. When the pressure is so much reduced, the pathways for the nutrients and unneeded debris is cleared and the renewal of your disks can be faster and more effective. The disks will also hydrate more and you may be taller at the end of the “hanging session” as a side effect.

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