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Stop Smoking EFT Advice If You Have Back Pain

One day a client walked into my clinic and had a hypnotherapy treatment for smoking. It was a challenge, because it transpired that this client was in constant agony with back and shoulder pain; the cigarettes were used as a drug to help with this pain. Then I learned a new fun and simple technique for effective pain relief and the rest is history.

EFT is a new and exciting method that you can be taught to use effectively for your back, neck, shoulder, arm, leg, or any pain that you are experiencing anywhere in your body. Your EFT practitioner can find the best way for you to apply a simple formula whenever needed. All it takes is a few minutes a day and the pain is reduced or even gone altogether. This takes less time than is wasted smoking each day, and it also makes you feel relaxed and calm.

For some people, the pain is very much linked to painful memories, and that’s even better news. Yes, that’s right, that’s good news.

EFT is a method that uses acupressure on special acupuncture points to free you from unwanted feelings like pain. In the case of pain with a large physical element, applying the simple acupressure technique every now and then keeps you more comfortable all day long. Sometimes, we store our negative emotions in weak areas of our body that although weak are still in reasonably good condition. It is then that EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, really shines. This exciting new method has the power to gently give complete and lasting relief to survivors of the worst events imaginable. And so the pain, which used to be felt as agony, can completely disappear.

Now whenever someone comes to see me to stop smoking, I ask them if they are in pain. If they are, I explain that to quit, they will have to let me relieve their pain first. It takes relatively little time and they can still successfully quit in the same session once the pain has been taken care of. They usually ask to give up smoking using EFT as well, once they see what it has done for their physical pain.

If you are a smoker in pain and wish to be free from smoking, first of all please consult with your doctor to make sure that everything is being medically done for the source of the pain as is appropriate. Then you can consult with an EFT Practitioner that specializes in smoking cessation. Once the pain is out of the way, you can enjoy your freedom from nicotine!

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