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Taking IDD Therapy – Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nonsurgical Back Pain Relief

Many people have a myth that surgery is the end of back pain in serious cases but this is not so nowadays. With many new discoveries and findings, doctors have been able to find out effective non-surgical ways to cure back pain.

A new method known as IDD is known to be effective in curing around eighty five percent of cases of back pain. Chiropractors have given their full belief on this IDD technique to relieve their patients. If you are suffering from choronic or acute back pain then this therapy could provide you relief in an easy manner eliminating the need for surgery. A system called Accu-SPINA is used in the IDD method that uses computer technology to cure back pain without surgery. If you have been diagnosed to be suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis and any other degenrative disease, bulging discs or herniated disease, sciatica and spinal stenosis then IDD can be used to reshape your spine.

Reshaping the spine allows your blood flow, nutrients and fluid to reach affected area.

What’s more? The IDD sessions are not time consuming. You only need to undertake 18 to 24 treatments in around 8 weeks. Every session is of only 30 minutes. Pain gradually decreases with the IDD treatment as your tendons and ligaments are strengthened and re-toned. Moreover, IDD treatment is considerably cheaper than surgery options available for back pain relief. The only point you will have to consider is about the reimbursement of your medical expenditure as IDD is not covered by most of the insurance companies. It is a non-invasive type of treatment and also involves sittings in which you would be strapped to machine. The main attraction of IDD therapy is that it allows you to reduce the injury or problem without surgery. So, if you have a disc injury, then you can plan to undertake IDD therapy and reduce the size of your disc injury.

There are many factors that impresses the users of IDD therapy, some of which are as follows:

1) IDD treatment is not novice but trusted therapy in medical profession which is done by a professional. So, you can be relieved of your tension regarding its use and effectiveness.

2) There are no side effects of IDD therapy unlike other herbal and medication treatments.

3) A very good option for people who suffer from acute or chronic back and thinks that surgery is the only option they are left with.

Although, like every new therapy, IDD patients face some problems regarding its availability and usage and cost. Some of the disadvantages of this therapy are:

1) Being a new non-surgical therapy for relieving back pain it is not available in all chiropractic centres. So, it could become difficult for you to locate service provider for this facility.

2) Because of the unavailability of professionals in IDD therapy, it makes it a costly treatment. However, you can do some research on the internet and find the chiropractic offices that offer such treatment in or near your area or locality.

So, if you are suffering from chronic or acute back pain and is planning to opt for surgery to get rid of your problems then you should consider IDD therapy at least once.

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