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The 7 Common Mistakes People Make When Treating Their Back Pain

There are seven common mistakes people make when seeking treatment for their back pain. This is because they do not understand that pain is only a symptom that something is out of balance in the body. Trying to treat the pain itself will cover up the real problem

Mistake #1Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

If you have tried a treatment for your back pain many times over the last couple of months and it hasn’t worked why would you suppose it would suddenly produce a different result. You should get results within the first few treatments. That means that you are better after the treatment than before. You may not have the back pain resolved that quickly but you should show steady improvement. If NO RESULT definitely try something else

Mistake #2Not Getting Prompt Treatment

When you get any pain it is always advisable to get immediate treatment. If you delay you will find that you favour the painful area and then stress another part of your anatomy as your body tries to compensate. For instance if you have lower back pain,then as your favor your back you might find that you then create upper back pain and even shoulder pain or neck pain. With many of my clients I have to treat the whole back and neck. I have had people come to me the same day however and results can be in as little as 10 minutes. The fastest result was an elbow which required only 2 minutes Fresh injuries are the easiest to fix

Mistake #3 … Believing it wont happen to you

Because you are fit and healthy. You eat right and exercise regularly Maybe you have created imbalances in your muscles by overdeveloping some muscles at the expense of others. Athletes frequently suffer back pain because of this. I recently treated someone with lower back pain because his hamstrings were too tight. We worked on the hamstrings and the back pain disappeared

Mistake #4 Treating only the symptoms and not the problem

This usually involves taking anti-inflammatory drugs or analgesic drugs for the pain. All this does is stop your body from feeling the pain. The injury is still there and a few hours later when the drugs wear off you need to take some more because the pain source has not gone away Treat the source of the pain not the pain itself

Mistake #5.… Not realising how back pain develops

Some back pain is the result of injury but a lot of back pain has developed gradually and can take months or even years to cause a problem. Such a pain is going to require time to fix and the way to fix it is to correct the imbalance that has developed in the muscular system

Mistake #6 Resorting to Surgery too soon.

Many people try one or two things and if it does not work they resort to surgery. Surgery should be a last resort after you have tried everything else. Once surgery has been performed the body is not the same. I have worked on people after surgery and their muscle do not work the same and it is harder to get a satisfactory result

Mistake #7Not taking responsibility.

Nobody knows your body like you do. You know how you feel and where and how painful it is. But you may not know how your body works People who understand how their body works get better quicker. Next time you see your health professional ask questions.

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