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The ABC’s of Lower Back Pain

The lower part of the back holds the weight of much of the body. Small problems can cause immense pain when a person is standing or otherwise putting pressure on the lower back. These persons most at risk for lower back pain are those that have jobs that entail heavy physical labor and/or sitting for long periods of time. People whose jobs include long drives are at risk of experiencing back pain. People who experience heavy stress loads are also at risk of experiencing some degree of lower back pain.

The symptoms of lower back pain can include a throbbing ache, a stabbing feeling or a shooting pain as well as limited flexibility including the inability to straiten up or stand upright completely. Lower back pain is classified as chronic if it constantly persists for more than three months.

Lower back pain is generally easy to treat and can be eased with a variety of non surgical procedures. Many non prescription pain medicines are used to manage pain and several anti-inflammatory drugs are used to reduce the inflammation that occurs in the muscles of the lower back. MedGen’s PAINenz is a roll-on, topical analgesic that uses the pain relief of capsaicin to effectively reduce the pain in the on lower back. Prescription medicines are not usually applied unless the condition has been termed acute or chronic.

There are a number of exercises that can be used to treat lower back pain. These include warm baths and soaks, hot and cold compresses, bed rest in moderation and physical activity. Only in the most severe instances is surgery suggested. Most sufferers of lower back pain recover without any lasting effects.

Most lower back pain can be prevented. Using caution and correct form when lifting heavy objects is a good way to prevent lower back pain. Making a conscious effort to maintain a good posture has a lasting effect on back mobility and the probability of lower back pain.

On rare occasions, lower back pain can be a symptom of larger problem. In some instances lower back pain is a symptom of kidney problems or other acute illnesses.

If symptoms persist for more than six months or grow increasingly more painful consult a heath care professional.

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