Back Pain

The Benefits of a Back Pain Exercise Program

What’s the best way to treat back pain? Despite what many people believe, bed rest can actually make your pain worse instead of improving it. It is recommended instead that you start a back pain exercise program to enable you to recover more quickly. Exercise will stretch and strengthen the muscles in your back, which helps to ease the pain and make you better able to resist further injury.

A proper back pain exercise program will assist in stretching the muscles of the back and making them more flexible. It will also help to strengthen the back, making it better able to withstand strain and pressure. Targeted exercises will help in the proper distribution of nutrients to the spinal column and the surrounding muscles, nerves, and ligaments. All of this is important for healing as well as prevention.

Your exercise routine should include stretching the muscles in your back in addition to the surrounding ligaments and tendons. You also need to ensure that your gluteus muscles, found in the buttocks, are made to be more flexible through the proper stretches. Your hamstrings that are found in the rear of either leg help in providing proper posture and so hamstring stretches are also recommended. Even if you are not currently experiencing pain in your spinal region, it is still suggested that you do this type of stretching. It will help provide necessary strength that in turn can help to overcome and prevent further back injuries and trauma.

Before commencing your exercise program, it is important that you take the time to warm up your muscles. Ensure that you take things slowly to avoid causing additional pain. After completing the exercises, you should do some cool down moves.

Another important component of a back pain exercise program is a type of treatment known as inversion therapy. A piece of back stretching equipment known as an inversion table is utilized for this treatment, which tilts you onto your back in an inverted position. This is actually more comfortable than it sounds! It works by decreasing the effects of gravity on the spine, thereby easing compression of the vertebrae and discs. This means that the muscles and ligaments that surround your spine are able to relax.

Finding relief from back pain is paramount for those who suffer from this disabling problem. It’s important that you take a proactive approach to dealing with the situation. Lying around in bed won’t make your pain go away. It’s important to undertake a back pain exercise program that will stretch and strengthen the muscles in your back.

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