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Tips After Having Laser Back Surgery

Be sure to pay attention to any post-op guidelines that are given to help encourage rest and limit activity to only necessary physical therapy. This way gaining mobility and strength will be easy without suffering any further injury. It can be difficult to control the urge to go out and do all the things one couldn't before, as they will likely be enjoying less pain almost immediately after the surgery. Easing into exercises is key to prevent spinal injury again, as well as any muscle strain. Keep in mind that the body isn't used to so much activity so starting slowly and knowing when to take a break are important.

Exerciseto aid recovery

Speaking of exercise, there are many to encourage recovery. Physical Therapy experts have developed stretches and exercises just for those who have received laser spine surgery. These exercises will make sure successful recovery. While recovering, routine checkups will be mandatory to make sure everything is going well and the back is healing the right way. If any of the stretches or exercises are painful or even uncomfortable they can recommend different ones.

Sometimes, the doctor may want the patient to seek physical therapy. Being supervised will ensure that they are being executed the correct way. The exercises will be altered as the patient recovers. Here are some samples of the various levels of exercise and things that will be done at home to feel better, faster.

Common Exercise Levels

The first group of exercises are for patients who have been out of surgery for a couple weeks. The shoulder press is a common exercise to help strengthen the upper back and aid in posture. It can be done at home by lying on the back with knees bent. Legs are about hip width apart and arms on both sides with palms facing up. The patient inhales slowly, and as they exhale they press their shoulders into the floor without arching the back at all.

The second level of exercises involves more advanced moves. They'll usually be prescribed after doing the first level for a couple weeks. Bridges are a common exercise recommended by spinal surgery doctors and physical therapists. They are completed by lying on the floor on one's back. Palms are turned down as the patient inhales and raises their pelvis off the floor. They lower on the exhale. This is a great exercise for strengthening the lower back and hips.

Stay Connected

It's important to stay connected with the surgery doctor even long after the procedure and recovery. They will keep a close watch on the patient and check their back to be sure that everything is working as is expected. A very small percentage of people will need to have surgery again. The number is far less for minimally invasive spine surgery than it is for traditional options.

There are many other benefits, too. These included a lower risk of infection, faster recovery, and the ability to return to work and other beloved activities much sooner. Because of the benefits and the growth in popularity since MIS 'inception, it continues to grow and be the top choice for those who must undergo surgery to correct sciatica, slipped disk and other back issues. Just be sure to do research on the doctors and facilities performing the procedure to ensure that they are very successful before signing up for the surgery.

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