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Tips and Exercises For Low Back Pain Sufferer

Having low back pain is becoming more and more of a problem now days especially for people who tend to slouch. This type of back pain is more frequent for people who work forty hours a week at desk because most of these people tend to be sitting in a slouched position. This is one of the main reasons why more and more people are diagnosed with low back pain problems.

Your Posture Important

Although the real cause for low back pain has not been found, there is little doubt that your posture plays an important role. Slouching is one of the biggest factors contributing to your low back problems. One of the recommended things you should do would be to perform simple exercises for low back pain, this should help relief some of the pain you are experiencing. These simple exercises for back pain are very simple and can be performed almost anywhere. These techniques should provide you with instant relief from your pain.

Low back pain is often the result of excessive flexion, and to get rid of it you will need to perform exercises for low back pain that will move the pain in another direction. Extension exercises are a very good and proven way to get relief. One exercise you should try is simply putting you feet spread apart and place you hands with finger pointing down. Once you are in position try to bend you’re your waist back and down as far as you can and stay in that position for a couple of seconds. Repeat this exercise a couple of times each day. This should help you get relief for your low back pain.

Another good exercise for low back pain is to lie down on your stomach. Once you are in position start to raise your upper body with your elbow while arching your back. It is very important when performing this exercise for low back pain to keep your hips on the ground and try to relax your back as much as possible. Keep that position for around thirty seconds. You should try to repeat this exercise until you are able to hold the position for at least five minutes.

For some people performing exercises for low back pain everyday may not be a good thing for various reasons, in those cases you should seek an alternative treatment method. Whatever you chose to do, try to stop slouching, this should be a good start.

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