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Yoga For Back Pain

The spinal or back pain refers to disorders and pains in the spine region, particularly in the waist region. This pain is commonly called lower backache. This pain could spread over to both sides of the waist and the hips. When the pain is acute, it makes the patient almost partially immobile. In more severe conditions, the sufferer is bed ridden.

It is generally found that people with excess body weight are prone to developing back pain as they grow older. It is also common for younger people to also suffer from spinal pain. During the initial stages of lower backache, the sufferer may tolerate the pain, but over a prolonged period the sufferer will not be able to bear the pain. The prolonged period of pain related to the spine, progresses into more chronic conditions and gets aggravated during these later stages.

There are four main cases that lead to back pain. These causes are as follows:

1. Poor eating habits resulting in an overweight condition or underweight condition of the body

2. Prolonged exposure to cold conditions

3. Physical strain on the spine

4. Poor posture for a considerable length of time

Spinal pain is curable through the practice of certain Yoga Asanas. Below I have listed the Asanas to be practiced for curing spinal pain. These postures should be performed slowly and rhythmically and not in great strain or hurriedly.

Yoga Asanas for spinal pain

(a) Majarasana or cat stretch

1. Kneel on all fours with knees shoulder width apart aligned with your feet.

2. Drop your back down while keeping your head up.

3. Breathe out and arch your back up, bringing your head down touching your neck.

4. Breathe in and come back up to starting position.

(b) Bhujanga Asana or cobra pose

1. Lay facing down with forehead on the floor.

2. Place your palms flat on the floor beside your chest.

3. Keep your elbows together hugging the back of your body.

4. Breathe in; lift your chest and navel point off the floor and arch your back upwards.

5. Ensure your elbows are bent.

6. Breathe out and slowly return to starting position

(c) Salabha Asana or locust pose

1. Lay on stomach with chin on floor and place hands flat on the floor next to your hips.

2. Breathe in and lift both legs off the floor.

3. Press your palms against the floor for support.

4. Breathe out and return to starting position.

(d) Dhanura Asana or bow pose

1. Lie facing down with palms on your side facing upwards.

2. Breathe out; bend your knees and grasp your ankles with your hand.

3. Slowly raise your knees and chest off the floor and tilt your head back.

4. The weight of your body should be resting on your stomach.

5. Breathe out; bring your knees and chest slowly to the ground and release your ankles.

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