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Yoga for Easing Upper Back Pain

Everybody knows that yoga can help to fix lower back pain. The question now is, what about the upper back pain, can yoga fix it too? Many of us today, go through our daily lives reaching forward: carrying groceries, peering at smartphones, keyboarding at our desks and so on. While it can be natural to focus on the task that is in front of us, all this forward momentum can cause tension, strain, as well as ailments from headaches to chronic pain.

After some time, this “head-first” approach to the way we live our lives, shapes us. A forward head positioning, prominent collarbone, rounded shoulders, as well as winging shoulder blades are all postural clues to imbalances in the complex musculature of the upper back, neck, as well as shoulder girdle. However, working with just a single issue can also be very disturbing. For example, numbness in the fingers might be caused by compression in our upper chest region, which could be caused by weak upper back muscles and so on.

Muscles as well as bones are just part of the equation. When one part of our body system is completely out of balance, other systems such as blood circulation, breathing, digestion, as well as emotions are also affected. The good news about this is that you do not have to be a student of anatomy or an expert to bring things back into balance. Just imagine the upper spine as the central pillar of a scale that achieves its balance from side to side as well as front to back. However, muscles found around this region, work in pairs as well as coordinating groups. Injuries, repetitive motion, misalignment in asana as well as poor posture can tip the scales into one direction or another.

Breathing is very essential when it comes to balancing your body. However, you can do this by sitting in a comfortable position and breathing deeply, soften as well as gently round the upper back as you simply inhale. Receive your breath and allow it to move your muscles, spine, shoulders, as well as the back of your ribcage. As you exhale slowly, lengthen the spine and relax your shoulders downward without closing any space that the breath might have created between the ribs or through the waist. One thing about yoga practice is consistency. Yoga offers a lot of benefits but if you do not work with the right yoga instructor or practice consistently, the results might not come the way you expected.

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