Budding Online Entrepreneurs Beware – Dropshipping Can Spell Your Downfall!

Some people get drawn in by the fact that they can technically sell about a million dollars worth of products that they haven't even bought yet by contracting wholesalers who agree to provide drop-shipping services. In fact, based on statistics from eBay, about 40,000 people transact through their site, most of which use drop-shipping to deliver the sold goods.

Certainly, there are benefits to using this system. No doubt, many have become successful while using this system. However, it must be noted that many have failed as well. So, what spells the difference between success and failure? I can sum it up in one word – quality. Your choice of wholesaler can make all the difference. In a nutshell, a wholesaler who does not provide good quality products, does not deliver on time and charges too much will lead to the downfall of a budding entrepreneur such as yourself.

Wholesalers willing to drop-ship for retailers are a dime a dozen nowadays. Just Google for suppliers and you'll see endless lists of wholesalers in practically any country. You will have to verify which ones are willing to provide drop-shipping services but still, you cannot just choose the first one on that does. Make sure the wholesaler is legitimate. You can subscribe to major trade organizations or publications and scour message boards and chat rooms for feedback on the company that you are considering. This route, however, may be a bit time consuming and cost you money anyway.

An easier solution would be to subscribe to a good quality drop-ship directory which has a wide variety of wholesalers offering different products in different locations, allows you to do specialized searches, encourages members' feedback's and guarantees satisfaction. In my experience, good quality and up-to-date directories cost a bit more, around the $ 10 a month range for membership. These sites do not just give you access to directories, though. They provide value added services as well, such as additional reference materials for starting and expanding your business. Clearly, these are companies who recognize the mutually beneficial relationship between them and their clients – their success lies in your success, after all.

Don't fall victim to the scams that proliferate the internet these days. Ensure your success by infusing quality into your operations.

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