Celebrity Beauty Secrets

So you want to look like a star?

Who doesn't? It would be really nice to wake up and have
someone else worry about your hair and makeup.

Celebrities have "people" whose very jobs are to help famous
faces look their best.

Award-winning actresses, runway models, even pop stars all
depend on their looks.

Do advertisers want to feature close-ups of crow's feet?

Who wants to see cellulite on the big screen?

Teen idols should look young and fresh so their audience
will want to be like them. It's their job to look great.

Without a beautifully packaged look, they're out of work.
So work they do. They work at their beauty.

And so can you.

But, you don't have beauty professionals at your beck
and call …

Oh, but you do.

Just not the same ones the celebrities do.

You're worthy of a cast of beauty professionals, too.

You deserve it and it's not a luxury impossible
to afford.

Consider your beauty "people" and, if you choose
carefully, you will have professionals looking out for
you, keeping you up to date on the best products,
colors and techniques available for you.

How do you choose the right people?

Use only professionals whose overall look is something
you like.

If you're seeking a natural look, look for make-up and
hair stylists who successfully achieve that look.

If they can do it for themselves, they can teach you
the same techniques they're using.

If you want to appear polished and sophisticated, use a
stylist whose own personal style impresses you.

Department store makeup counter salespeople

Use them. You don't need to buy any of their products,
unless you want to. But what they can teach you at
no cost is something you should really take advantage of.

They're trained in proper technique and are up on the
latest trends.

Independent beauty consultants

That neighbor leaving catalogs in your mailbox is a
good source of ideas. Invite her over and let her
give you a makeover. Again, you're not obligated to
purchase anything unless you really want it.


Hairstyles change with the times, so should your
stylist. If she's not attending stylists' conventions
or changing her own hairstyle, she's not as professional
as you deserve.

So, now you have your people.

What do stars do when they're at home being people,
not stars?

Beauty Sleep

It's not a myth. Get yours.

No caffeine …

… or limited caffeine if you must. It causes premature
aging, and who needs that?

Shimmer creams and bronzers …

… help stars shine.

Eat Fish …

… like sardines and salmon. They're full of essential
oils that actually nourish your skin.

No smoking

Not only is it bad for your health, it causes lines
and dullness in your skin.

Your skin care regime

It doesn't have to be expensive. Your products can
come from the local drug store. Everyone benefits
from a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer.

Always, always, always remove makeup at the end of
the day. Two more minutes of sleep is not worth a
blemished face in the morning.
Quick fixes from famous faces.

* Coffee grounds can be recycled and used as a
cellulite scrub.

* Castor oil, used by a certain British
raven- haired actress / spokesperson / beauty,
creates star quality shine for hair.

* Cinnamon oil (check your health food or
vitamin store) rubbed on the lips creates pouty,
kissable lips.

* Soak your nails in olive oil, as does a Hollywood
Pretty Woman.

* A combination of milk and water mixed in equal
parts, spritzed on the face throughout the day
is all the rage with many silver screen beauties.

* Legally Blonde hair is baby soft and shiny thanks
to baby shampoo.

Glow like a star. You deserve to look your best.
Treat yourself to a day of beauty – at home or at
the salon. Live the life of a star, without being
chased by paparazzi.

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