Eyebrow Waxing – Quick Beauty Tip

If you don’t have sensitive skin, and can manage a quick little bit amount of pain, one of the easiest ways to clean up your look is by eyebrow waxing. Men and women wax their eyebrows to help cleanup their appearance while removing unwanted hair. If you have irritable skin then waxing may not be the best answer for you, check out plucking. Typically we recommend going to a professional the first few times if you are new to the process. Be sure to get them cleaned up a few times by a professional, you’ll be up and running in no time.

If on the other hand you’ve gotten your eyebrows waxed for some time then you may be ready to wax your own eyebrows. The very first thing that you’ll want to do is make sure that you’ve purchased the best waxing kit available. A top of the line waxing kit will have all the essentials including, a high quality wax, fabric strips, spatula and an overall use of high quality materials. Most high quality kits will even include a soothing cream that will help relax the skin after waxing. Soothing cream is primarily used to help reduce rashes and irritations as well.

Generally the process of waxing your eyebrows isn’t very technical. First you want to make sure that you have at least a 1/4″ long brow currently, otherwise you may remove all of your eyebrows. Take a look at some pictures to help gauge what type of look you are going for, make sure that you’ve combed the brow into its natural direction and look. At this point you will want to tie your hair so it doesn’t get into the way, this makes sure that you don’t wax off your hair while giving you more room to see what you are doing. You will want to find a small comb, or even a small toothbrush for the brushing part. If after combing your eyebrows and you still have a few hairs that aren’t cooperating you’ll want to trim them with a pair of scissors.

Now you are ready to begin the waxing process, you will now need to prep the area around the brow. This will mean you need to apply a pre-wax cleanser to the eyebrows and the area directly around the skin, and begin applying a small portion of powder to the area. Here comes the most crucial part, start to put the wax on in the flow of your eyebrow hair. Only apply the wax to the area of your hair that you want removed, when applying the wax be conservative or you may end up removing hair you don’t want removed. Apply your strip to the direction in which the hair is growing, keep a little bit of the paper left at the end so that you can use it to pull off the wax. Put the strips on evenly by thoroughly pressing them onto your brow when applied. Once you’ve established that you have it on properly, Should on to the strip that is not attached to your hair, and abruptly pull it up.

Continue the process to the areas that need help, and then you are finished! You will instantly start looking better after your eyebrow waxing.

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