How Integrated Tally ERP 9 Devices Benefit The Retail Industry

If you have a store and want to enhance its performance then you need computers and several peripheral devices to do so. As a retail solution, Shoper 9 a product of Tally software supports several widespread models of these devices involving the input and output devices along with the dedicated POS machines that one uses for operations. In order to make your billing experience good, Shoper 9 supports client display units at billing terminals which in turn displays vibrant details of the items scanned, bill totals, etc. Electronic cash drawers requiring very less space can be used as an add-on device to the billing terminal. Magnetic cards readers are some of the other devices that can be used to capture client details from magnetic cards, barcode scanners that help the entire scanning process and through which data can be swiftly captured without errors.

Through wireless / remote mode, data can also be entered by using Portable Data Terminal (PDT) devices which are compatible with Shoper 9. In your entire stock transactions and stock taking processes, data imported from PDT devices can be used.

Shoper 9 Architecture

Irrespective of whether you have a single retail store, a distribution point or a massive retail network, Shoper 9 can cater to all your retail solution requirements. This is enabled by two essences of Shoper, ie Shoper 9 FO and Shoper 9POS. The latter is specifically used at retail stores and distribution points and they could be independent stores or part of your retail network. Shoper 9 HO integrated with Tally ERP can be positioned to control or monitor the activities in a retail network.

Shoper 9HO and Shoper POS provide immense benefits when used in retail network such as :

• They have central control as well as the capability to merge business data providing you entire flexibility for managing the business as well as analysing your performance

• They can easily manage several types of merchandise as well as costing rules for various stores in the retail chain despite having a centralized control

• Caters centralized control of data communication between both Shoper 9 HO and Shoper 9 POS, thus avoiding any need for manual interference

However, bearing in mind the connectivity issues that might arise sporadically, this specific product (Shoper 9) is designed to function with constant connectivity between Shoper 9 POS and Shoper 9 HO. Also, the connectivity to POS doesn't determine report generation in HO, as it maintains a model of POS databases centrally. If disaster occurs any time, these models can serve as a backup for data of several stores.

With the Tally Download , Shoper 9 can manage the retail POS needs effectively. Here, the concerns about statutory returns are also taken care of as both the products can effectively interface with Tally ERP 9, thus letting the user exploit the power of Tally's statutory reporting. This specific product is also extremely effective in case you wish to file your returns for individual stores or in various states or in a consolidates form, as it makes it possible, as the POS data can go individually to Tally's latest version for consolidation.

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