The Real Beauty of ADHD Support Groups

Many parents of children with ADHD disorder are not members of any ADHD support groups. This is a shame because such support groups are actually an invaluable resource in the overall treatment of ADHD in children. It is a well known fact that to achieve holistic ADHD treatment, a multi-disciplinary approach is deemed ideal. This means that while stimulant medications take care of bodily functions, such as the functioning of the brain, efforts need to be made to teach ADHDers learning skills, social interactions, and proper behavioral patterns.

It is definitely not enough to depend solely on the doctors, because there is a limit to what they (doctors) could do. Besides that, walking in and out of the doctor's doors can be costly in the long run. In Chinese medicine, for instance, the philosophy is that medicine play only a third of the whole equation in getting patients to recover from whatever ailments they may be suffering from. The remaining two-thirds need to come from the initiatives of the patients themselves, such as strictly observing their diet, doing regular exercises, staying stress free, etc.

A key benefit of joining an ADHD support group when one have kids with ADHD is that it provides a good platform to interact and exchange information and ideas with people who are going through a similar situation. It is well documented that managing and coping with ADHD kids is no joke, and it can drive many a parents up the wall most of the time. But by being members of ADHD support groups, a great burden can be lifted from one's shoulders by sharing the problems during the group's get-togethers and exchanging of tips and strategies.

Often times, a single advice can make all the time you spent in the support group worthwhile. For example, a simple advice such as "Don't try and change all factors at once. Take it one step at a time" may just be the missing puzzle you are looking for. For those who are ready for the job market, for instance, support group members can often offer ideas on the best type of jobs to be in. For example, they may tell you that ADHD friendly jobs are those which are fast paced in nature, autonomous, fosters creativity, bite-size projects, and those with clearly defined expectations. Jobs which meet this criteria include creative arts, media, sales, hair styling, coaching, inventing, and writing.

Generally, people who joined such groups basically only have one thing in mind – which is to treat their children with ADHD in the most wholesome manner possible.

Their sincerity and willingness to share experiences and advice should therefore never be doubted. But of course, there are cases of poorly managed support groups, but that is basically a management issue. If one bumps into a lousy support group, it should not be a reason to end all links with ADHD support groups. Think long term and just search for a better one in the neighborhood.

What if ADHD support groups do not exist in your area? Well, there are two options available. The first one is to look for an online version of it. These people often get together via webinars, forums, and message boards. The second option is to start one in your area. Starting one is not as diffcult as it sounds. Basically what one needs to do is locate a well established one out of town, pay them a visit, and request their guidance on how to establish one. Most of them are ever willing to lend a helping hand.

It should be clear by now that there are many benefits in joining ADHD support groups. If you happen to have an ADHD child, may be it's time to consider joining such a group in your city for the benefit of your child and family. There is no need to suffer alone. Just reach out, and you will be surprised by the number of helping hands that come your way.

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