Wrinkle and Bag Treatment for Under the Eyes – Honest Beauty Tips for a Happier You

So what can we do to treat eye bags & wrinkles?

Of course, we can eat healthily, choose colourful foods, drink plenty of water, exercise, laugh more (not too much remember those laughter lines!) have more sex, reduce stress, and almost will ourselves into being a better person.

But does this scientifically prevent and alter what nature is intending for us all?

No, well not without surgery anyway, but here’s what you can do naturally to liven up your complexion around your eyes.

1. Always wear a sunscreen. Yes ALWAYS. The sun, our greatest element, more powerful than anything, can easily age your skin when exposed all the time.

2. Massage & Increase circulation. Never underestimate the power of increased circulation, increasing blood flow to your eye area will help the skin and vessels around the eyes simply do a better job of staying more youthful. A beauty therapist once told me that if I spent a little longer massaging my facial creams into my face and around my eye area, fine lines would reduce over 2 weeks. She was right, they completely disappeared.

3. Invest in a good eye cream. How do you choose from a million products? How will you know what works and what doesn’t? The truth is my friends that all eye creams on today’s market work for some, and not for others. Our skin is unique, we are all different. As a professional makeup artist, its my job to sift through the different lotions and potions on the market, what’s hot, what’s not and what could be great for you!

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