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7 Minute Muscle Review – How to Gain Muscle Fast in Just 7 Minutes a Day?

The 7 Minute Muscle system promises to help anyone build muscles faster with a less amount of time spent at the gym, but does it really work? I remembered when I first came across the 7 Minute Muscle system while I was searching for a way to train my body for more results in lesser time. Having to spend hours at the gym and seeing mediocre results was frustrating for me, and I needed a solution to it.

After reading through and using the methods in the 7 Minute System, I have learned many things I did not know about body-building before. For example, I discovered that many exercises I was performing before were not the most effective ones, and that spending more time at the gym gives me worse results.

What I Learned from the 7 Minute Muscle System about Building Muscles in the Fastest Way Possible

1. Shorten Your Workout Time at the Gym

Aiming for shorter workouts is the right way to build more muscles fast. Most people already know that working out longer does nothing to help increase muscle building speed; however it is still worth mentioning as there are some who still have this misconception.

By restricting each exercise to only about 1 to 2 minutes, you are working your muscles within the best time period to ensure that they grow quickly.

2. Find Out Which Exercises Target Which Muscle Groups before You Start

Ensure that the exercises you do are most effective at building up the muscle groups you want. There are many exercises that are ineffective for strength building that many people are using incorrectly, thinking that it will help them build strength when it is in fact training their endurance.

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